Simplify YouTube Analytics, Facebook Video Insights, and Instagram Insights

Turn your viewership data and analytics into actionable wisdom.

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Capture Online Video Data in One Dashboard

  • View performance metrics from YouTube Analytics, Facebook, and Instagram
  • Visualize and compare content performance data for clearer insights
  • Review competitive analysis & benchmarking
  • Compare cross-channel performances

Track and Report Performancet

  • Use our powerful analytics tool to drill down into performance metrics
  • Monitor every influencer and video content across YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram
  • Get instant reports with the click of a button

Distribute Data Strategically

  • Set permissions on who can access specific data
  • Separate who has access to certain data based on roles and tags
  • Capture your influencer data
  • Collect and distribute data to brand partners and clients

Pull Data Into Your System

  • Leverage our APIs for reliable online video data delivery
  • Get a firehose of your data into your system

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