Open Up Content ID Data to Rights Holders

For the first time ever, provide clients with a simple earnings dashboard.

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Content ID Dashboard

  • Connect your CMS to view claims and earnings on assets, claims, labels, and per client
  • Easily share performance metrics
  • Automatically calculate client earnings and content claims

Earnings Reports for Clients

  • Allow Rights holders to see Content ID Earnings
  • Breakdown earnings by asset, claims and views
  • Rights management earnings from all platforms

Give Clients Tools and Flexibility

  • Provide rights holders access to real time earnings
  • Clients upload assets and metadata into your YouTube CMS
  • Clean and update metadata in bulk

A More Powerful Content ID Company

  • Gauge the effectiveness of your claims analytics teams
  • Track key statistics on the long-term value of rights holdings
  • Discover the most profitable content types to pursue

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