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In a never-ending battle for engaged viewers, data is king. Measure more than just views and subscribers — discover what really drives audience to your videos and keep them coming back for more.

Leverage the data of millions.

Leverage the data from millions of videos and channels to grasp what is effective on YouTube. Harness the power of our big data to be in front of trends, rising topics, and conversations across all of YouTube.

Keep your viewers engaged.

Transform intricate data into insightful and actionable intelligence. Unveil the content viewers dedicate their attention and time to. We’ll help you make decisions to keep viewers engaged.


ChannelMeter helps you keep the pulse on the competition. Check out how your videos compare, and how your channel measures up. We’ll even spot up and coming channels you should be aware of.

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Know the upcoming trends on YouTube before anyone else – ChannelMeter’s big data technology will help you stay ahead of the curve.

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OnSite Video

Measure your online video audience outside of YouTube and discover how you can turn your loyal YouTube audience into engaged viewers on your own video platform.

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