Maximize Creator Revenue
ChannelMeter helps you maximize the value and effectiveness of your monetizable Creators.
ChannelMeter helps you maximize the value and effectiveness of your monetizable Creators.
A Proven Process For Creating Revenue
Recruit Better
Grow your Creator roster across all platforms with a simple, automated registration and engagement workflow.
Unlock Creator
Harness realtime Creator demographic and audience data to identify top candidates for customer opportunities.
Market & Package
Propose dynamic media kits and sales materials with the optimal Creator roster.
Grow Creator
Retain Creators with seamless processes, great support, and fast payments.
ChallengeFamily Video Network manages some of the highest earning Creators within the family and kids content realm. As Family Video Network grew, they outgrew the manual processes of managing, selling, and paying Creators by hand.SolutionChannelMeter helped Family Video Network respond to campaign RFP's with automated tear sheets and proposals speeding up sales and closing more brand campaigns. Moreover ChannelMeter unlocked faster payments, tightening the Creator partnership with Family Video Network.
Creator CRM
Monitization campaign managerCampaign Manager
Simplified payoutSimplified Payouts
"We're able to operate and monetize a network as a big media company does with the ChannelMeter platform. They've enabled us to grow revenue and scale with a small team. We wouldn't be where we are without them."Melissa HunterPresident, Family Video Network
Capture new Creators, contracts, and agreements with a seamless workflow.
Track and organize every Creator in your growing roster.
Rights Management
& Splits
Manage all earnings, income, and payments automatically.
Give full data and transparency to every Creator in your roster.
Creator Support & CommunicationsUnify all Creator support and messaging in a single dashboard.
Fast Payments
Pay any Creator anywhere in the world automatically and easily.
The ChannelMeter Advantage
No Setup & ManagementStart immediately and scale infinitely while driving more revenue faster. All-in-OneSimplify everything with a unified experience and dashboard. Full TransparencyMaximize insights and opportunities with full data and reporting.